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Welcome to Dance Culture – The Party Portal & Online Event Solutions!

“It’s all about the music but the music wouldn’t exist without the artist.”

Since this Global Pandemic we at Dance Culture have been staying on the beat with our dance floor industries.
Usually we work closely with artists and DJs and we notice more than ever, they need our support.
We have created this ‘Artist-Centric’ social enterprise model to support our event scenes.

Artists and DJs are the very basis of our dancefloors and we present the encompassing solution
to make sure our creative industries continue to thrive.

Dance Culture originally started as a personal project to connect friends made on dance floors across the World.
Within a few weeks the member numbers started growing rapidly and in 3 years Dance Culture is now
a 6.5k strong online magazine and community with over 80% engagement,  dedicated to all that is dance culture.

Spanning all dance genres our number one aim is to encourage the
discovery of new music and new connections through the dancefloor.

Whether it’s Reggae, Dub, DnB; House, Techno, Electro or Psytrance, Forest, Gabber
– as long as it involves dance floors and big speakers it’s included! 

Every Saturday without fail the ‘Saturday Night Lowdown’ is broadcast to members to let them know what  parties are going on, it’s the most popular weekly feature on Dance Culture.
What can we say, we appreciate a beat, hone audio captivation at its finest and
know the experience is far more than what meets the ear…
Where it all started: Welcome to Dance Culture!

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– Together We are Dance Culture –
1 <3